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August 23, 2010



Michelle- Your pages you post our amazing. Is this all on line or do go to a specific store? I don't know much about all this. I have lots of scrap booking stuff, but have really never done any of it. I have so many pics, wedding day, reception, and pictures of my daughter since the day I got pregnant until now (almost 4). When do you find the time? Love it. It is very inspiring and overwhelming all at the same time. :) Vicky

Meg Stocks

Gorgeous! Proud to be a JS CT member with you - hugs, Meg

Emily C

Oh my! Your description of the Barbies made me laugh! Too funny! My son plays with little GI Joes and it is just amazing all the adventures they have! haha :)

Hearing about Barbies makes me smile and brings back lots of memories! I think at one time, our youngest dd had like 26 of them! Seriously! We lived in a Barbie world!

Bon Toy

I'm glad that I've found your site.
What a unique blog! I like how determined each of the entries are. They are well balanced, both informatory and entertaining, and the pictures are nice too.

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